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As a member of the Better Teams Community, you’ll be joining some of the most experienced professionals in the field of team building and facilitation.  Together, we’ll hear from industry experts, practice new tools and technologies, share what’s working today and how we see things evolving, and talk through challenges we face.


"I found value right away with the tools and ideas in FORWARD. I'm becoming a much stronger facilitator by participating in practice sessions with other members. "

Linda Howard, M.A., CVF, CMC, PMP
Howard Consulting

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Expand your knowledge, skills, and network through a variety of virtual & recorded events

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Build your knowledge, skills, networks, and confidence in order to increase your influence

At Better Teams, we know what it takes for team leaders to build happy and high-performing teams, and we want to share that knowledge with professionals like you!  That’s why we created the Better Teams Community, FORWARD - as an online gathering place where we invite you to practice your craft and get the support you need from a community that has a deep level of understanding about people and teams. 

On a monthly basis, we offer a wide variety of programming and valuable content such as:

  • Practicing online tools, tech and activities
  • Book Clubs
  • Networking Sessions with Masterminding
  • Facilitated discussions and round tables
  • And more….



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"FORWARD is my go-to place for ideas, resources, creativity, and wisdom about leaders and teams."

Barb Pedersen, C.P.F.
Barbara Pedersen Facilitation Services Inc.

Meet the Community Leader...


I'm Leigh Ann Rodgers, M.Ed., CPF, CVF, and the founder of Better Teams and FORWARD. The Better Teams Community - FORWARD provides us with a forum to share our passions, learn, and network with leaders, coaches, trainers, and facilitators around the world.

During more than 20 years working as a team-building specialist, trainer, and leadership coach with clients including Mars, SunTrust, National Geographic, Safe-Guard, AARP, Univision, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and Custom Ink, I've hustled and spent countless hours finding the right resources to support leaders and teams. Over the years I've learned how it's faster and more fun to learn in community with other like-minded professionals.

As a learner and a connector, it lights me up to bring together professionals who all serve teams in different ways. Every member of FORWARD is talented, warm, and generous.  So, we have cultivated a friendly, supportive community that provides a place to network, share best practices, and experiment with how we facilitate teams in a modern, changing world.

You are invited to grow FORWARD with us!


"I love the opportunity to share experiences and learn new techniques and tools."

Heather Clarke, OLY, B.A., M.I.R.
BraveWolf Consulting

"I have gained a new network of phenomenal people to learn and grow with! I love the variety of activities and networking is wonderful and enriching! "

Sandra Rose, IAF, CCM & IBM BCC

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  • Access to the entire Vault
  • Attend unlimited live events
  • Join the discussion in the Forum
  • Interact with Leigh Ann & Professionals who share your passion

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If you are not satisfied, just talk to me within 21 days of joining and I’ll gladly give you a refund if you give me feedback.

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I want you to reap the benefits of being in our community!

You are invited to join this amazing group of professionals who love serving leaders, teams, and organizations. The caliber of our members, all life-long learners, is quite impressive.

I promise to deliver new and useful information and online workshops each month. And, I stay available to members via our live events, Forum, and Private Facebook Page.

Let's rise to the challenges before us and move FORWARD together!

Leigh Ann Rodgers, M.Ed, CPF, CVF


Frequently Asked Questions

What people ask before joining FORWARD...

Forward is a global, yet friendly membership community for professionals (leaders, facilitators, coaches, and trainers) with a common interest and desire to connect, collaborate, and learn from each other about facilitating and developing teams in-person, virtually, and in hybrid meetings.

We connect during online workshops and networking events and through our Forum and/or private Facebook group.

FORWARD is for professionals who work (or aspire to work) with leaders and/or teams.  If you like to mix and mingle with leaders, consultants, coaches, facilitators, trainers, and professionals in Human Resources and Learning & Development, you will find your people here! 

You may lead a team and want to get new ideas on how to engage them.

You might focus on strategy, change management, team building, or leadership development. We welcome a diverse group of professionals because that makes our discussions rich and interesting.

Try it and see what you think risk free.  Money-back guarantee within the first 21 days.

Get your first month free using the COUPON CODE: TRY FORWARD2022

Yes, of course. Just email [email protected] within 21 days of signing up and we will refund you.  All we ask is that you provide specific feedback so we can improve. 

You'll have immediate access to our ever-growing resources and events including:

  • Recorded workshops, interviews, and micro-training about teams, leadership, engagement, tech tools, etc.
  • Downloadable PDF activity guides, eBooks and resources.
  • Access to all of our live events each month including workshops and networking events.
  • Access to our Forum - full of questions and discussions on a variety of topics to help you grow professionally and connect with other members.
  • Access to our private Facebook group.
  • Networking opportunities with brilliant and generous professionals.

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