Team Consultant Academy

Go from feeling overwhelmed to prepared, knowledgeable and confident as you facilitate structured, yet customizable, team sessions that generate on-going business

(Including tips and tools for virtual team building)

If You’re a Team Coach, Facilitator, or HR Business Partner who helps leaders build high-impact teams...

then you already know the value of having a variety of proven, easy-to-use team tools.

You know that teams are complex and that there is no "cookie-cutter" solution that is perfect for all teams.  You also know how time consuming it is to prepare for and develop team building sessions that make a sustainable difference.

Meaningful team building is challenging and interesting - and that is probably why you are drawn to it.  There is so much reward in knowing that you played a role in building a team that is highly productive AND happy.

About Team Consulting Academy

Grab some popcorn and find out what you what you'll get in TCA :)


You are worth the investment!

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Even though the reasons to enhance your tool kit are
 obvious, the path to doing it successfully is anything but.


What would you do?


A leader comes to you and asks you to facilitate a team meeting because she is struggling.  The team isn't meeting goals and team members are openly unhappy with the leader and each other. She wants you to come facilitate a one day session and "fix" the situation.


You aren't sure where to begin.  No one is sure of the root cause of the problem, let alone how to go about resolving it.  With only a few weeks to prepare, and only one day with the team, you want to help, but fear you may make things worse.


Then, you remember you can use the Better Teams Model and Assessment as a framework.  You get the team to assess themselves and this report gives you insight into the team's root issues.  Now you are ready choose the right agenda template and plug in the most useful team activities for the team off-site.  You have a solid plan now -  you are confident and excited about helping this team improve performance AND become happier!

I invite you to join a global community of coaches and facilitators who deeply care about helping teams thrive.

Team Consulting Academy is a compilation of all MY BEST TEAM BUILDING tools.  I've been collecting, building and honing my "team kit" for 20 years... and now I want to share it with you.

A mentor once told me, "One of the fastest ways to get ahead is to take advantage of proven tools and methods. Learn from others so you don't have to reinvent the wheel."

Take advantage of my experience and proven products by joining Team Consultant Academy.

Team Consultant Academy is a 5-week online program with a variety of ways to interact with me and other learners throughout and beyond the 5 weeks. You have lifetime access to the materials, so you can go at a pace that works for you.

Everything in TCA can be applied online - in fact we have created some excellent slides and activities to modify them for a virtual session.  All of this in included.

You'll get access to the Course Planner and the Private Facebook Group as soon as you join, then I'll release one module per week.

Three 90-minute Mastermind Calls will be scheduled every 3-4 weeks so you'll have direct access to me and other brilliant team facilitators from around the globe. On these calls we discuss all types of challenges and solutions - they are super charged!

I only open Team Consultant Academy 2-3 times a year, so join our January 2021 cohort and use these tools to boost your team building business all year!

I'm so glad I went through TCA because it provided me with new tools and information to support teams. 
Leigh Ann has laid out TCA in a logical, easy to understand format and is generous in sharing her knowledge, practical tips and tools. The best part of TCA is the Mastermind calls on which I got to meet fellow students and get input on the current challenges in my work. I'd highly recommend TCA to anyone who is or aspires to support teams.

Gayle Ely, MBA, CPC, ELI-MP, Executive Coach & Leadership Development Specialist, Total Life Leadership

When I first heard about TCA, I began to wonder, do I really need something else to add to my toolkit? I am already certified in several instruments and have extensive experience. I then began to think about my client base, which includes the non-profit sector.
I am very glad that I joined TCA. It has provided several tools to add to my toolkit. I love the modules. There is no deadline or pressure to complete them right away so you can take your time. The mastermind group was wonderful!
I definitely have plans to use the materials from TCA with clients in 2020. Thank you Leigh Ann for a product that is affordable and great to use.

Deborah Covin Wilson, Principal,
Covin Wilson Associates

As an LD/OD consultant I have always looked for an assessment that spoke to teams and their leaders about the impact of trust on their success. Trust is the 'wrapper' of the Better Teams Assessment model and provides real time speak without the buzzwords to help each team member leverage themselves and each other more productively. The Better Teams Model helps teams and their leaders gain real alignment on what they need from each other by encouraging conversation about what may be getting in the way of a trusting working environment.
Thank you Leigh Ann for the experience through TCA and the opportunity to meet other consultants just like me trying to provide even more to their clients every day.

Beverly Winkler, President, Inspire Leadership Now, LLC

My 5 top reasons for recommending this program:

  1. TCA provides easily accessible tools, handouts, e-books and programs that can be utilized immediately.
  2. I received quick, personal responses from Leigh Ann before, during and after the program.
  3. True collaborations with other professionals willing to share ideas and advice was a huge plus.
  4. Participation in well-organized mastermind calls with outstanding facilitation and coaching skills modeled by Leigh Ann was a learning experience in itself.
  5. I also received fun surprises. Leigh Ann reached out with little “thinking of you” messages containing articles, podcasts, and other things that aided my success immediately.

Team Consultant Academy did not disappoint. Leigh Ann is truly a service-orientated, passion-driven leader sharing her magic with the world.

Mary Bourg Chavin, Founder/President, Etiquette Center of the South, LLC

Team Consultant Academy was created and is facilitated by Leigh Ann Rodgers, M.Ed., CPF, Founder of Better Teams

Leigh Ann is a team building specialist with over 20 years facilitating team workshops, coaching leaders and delivering leadership training.  She has worked with teams around the globe including Mars, Inc., National Geographic, Safe-Guard, AARP, Centers for Disease Control and Custom Ink.

Team Consulting Academy is the ONLY program of its kind that…

1. Teaches you the Better Teams Model in depth.

2. Trains you to facilitate the Better Teams Assessment debrief.

3.  Includes a variety of other tools and 6 customizable agendas.

4.  Includes over 25 unique team icebreakers and activities.

5. Equips you with slides and a guide to facilitate a DISC communications workshop.

6. Provides you with a community to connect and learn with other team building professionals including three LIVE group calls with Leigh Ann.

7. Offers practical ways to creatively grow your practice with new and existing clients.

8. Gives you direct access to the course creator to ask questions.


So if you’re ready to grow your team building practice without spending years creating tools...


Helping people work effectively as a team is a core aspect of my group process facilitation business. When I searched for a team model to use, I found that the Better Teams Model through the Team Consultant Academy was exactly what I wanted! It helps teams assess their work and relationships and gives me a rich way to support them. Leigh Ann provides rich content and highly interactive and engaging Mastermind online meetings.

Barbara Pedersen,  CPF, Barbara Pedersen Facilitation Services Inc.

Go from feeling overwhelmed to prepared, knowledgeable and confident as you facilitate structured, yet customizable, team sessions that generate on-going business.

Module 1

Introduction to TCA

Prepare to dive in to course with an overview.  

Module Highlights:

  • Download the Course Planner and set your goals
  • Join the Private FaceBook Page and meet your new community
  • Hear Leigh Ann's personal story about how she launched her facilitation business
Module 2

Master the Better Teams Model

By end end of this module you'll have a solid understanding of the Better Teams Model. When you are talking to a leader about their team, you'll be listening for the 5 key qualities of a team and the 15 characteristics that make up those qualities.  

Module Highlights:

  • Examples of all five team qualities plus the three characteristics of each
  • Get suggestions for activities to help teams with each quality
  • Know what questions on the Better Teams Assessment match up to each characteristic
Module 3

How to Use the Better Teams Assessment

Get prepared to deliver powerful debrief sessions that empower and excite your teams.

Module Highlights:

  • Learn when, where and how to use the Better Teams Assessment
  • Manage challenging situations like a pro
  • Leverage the assessment to book additional work and fill your calendar
  • Access to a free paper version of the assessment ONLY available to course participants
Module 4

Choose & Customize A Team Building Agenda

Master the art of creating unique and memorable agendas without needing days of design time.

Module Highlights:

  • Learn the critical things successful consultants do when planning a team session
  • Get 6 customizable agenda templates from 1/2 day to 2 days
  • Get 30 Unique Team Icebreakers and Activities eBook
Module 5

Using DISC Communication with Teams

Get trained in DISC Communication Styles and be ready to facilitate a highly engaging DISC workshop with your teams.

Module Highlights:

  • Everything you need to know about DISC to be able to facilitate a workshop
  • Access to a downloadable DISC workshop kit (Team Building In-A-Box) ONLY available to course participants
BONUS Module 6

Ideas to Grow Your Practice

Develop a plan to generate more team building business with existing and new clients.

Module Highlights:

  • Ideas to market to new and existing clients
  • Resources to help you describe and promote your services
  • High-impact networking with other team building pros


BONUS Module 7

Tips to Facilitate Virtual Team Building

Learn how to adjust your team building agendas and activities for virtual team sessions.

Module Highlights:

  • Applying the Better Teams Model to virtual teams.
  • Tips and activities to design & a high energy and engaging virtual session.
  • Techniques to facilitate online sessions that are just as valuable as in-person session.

100%  21-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied, just talk to me within 21 days of enrolling, and I’ll gladly give you a refund if you give me feedback.


I came across the TCA information as a result of a tragedy…..I had just lost a lot of content through digital corruption of one of my storage drives!  Ugghhh as I thought about the time, money and energy that had gone into creating this content.   As I read about the model, the assessment tool, the class and the Mastermind Group, I got really excited!  I reached out to Leigh Ann to see if this was “real”!  It was….real for where I was in my business facing the loss of some really good content and needing something I could begin to use IMMEDIATELY.

I joined the TCA as a way to begin to restructure my private consulting business, where team building and facilitation are core components of the services I provide.  By joining the TCA, I have gained three things:

The ability to respond quickly in spite of losing my content! This material has helped me to be flexible and adapt more quickly, because I have the model as a starting point to assess teams and create a roadmap for working with my clients. I could use the team building exercises and information immediately as I learned the model.

The honor of building authentic interactions.  The Mastermind calls has allowed me to build authentic interactions with some very skilled people in the field! Leigh Ann’s sharing and facilitation of this group has been awesome for learning new best practices and resurrecting old ones that I had forgotten about.

The roadmap for building the story together. I am able to work with my old and new clients with the model and tools to continue building a success story together with them.  The model has opened up the door to increased return visits for new clients.

I would recommend the TCA to people who need a proven method of working more effectively with teams and growing your business.

The tragedy of losing a lot of my data was turned into triumph for my business!

Wanda N. Walker,  President/CEO, Uniquely Yours Consulting & More, LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

What people asked before signing up for Team Consultant Academy

As soon as you register, you'll have access to the Course Planner and the Private Facebook Group.  The next cohort will begin on August 2, 2021.  

Registration closes on August 13, 2021, for this cohort.

Each module has a series of videos Lessons and supplemental materials.  You will participate and ask questions via the Private Facebook Group and via three LIVE group Mastermind calls with Leigh Ann.

During the Mastermind calls you can ask any questions related to team building or your business.  We are all there to support, encourage, and provide feedback to each other.

Professionals who work with leaders and/or teams.  If you currently lead team building sessions - or you are an aspirating team consultant, this is for you.  Some roles that would be a strong match are:  Consultants, Coaches, Facilitators, HR, L&D, etc.

No, you will be provided with a paper version you can use for free.  Though, we believe the online assessment is ideal. Remember, you can usually pass the cost of the assessment (only $299 per team - a deal) on to the client as an expense.

TCA+ students will get one assessment with their program (good for one team of up to 24 people).

Yes, of course. I only want happy students. Just let me know within 21 days and I'll refund you.  All I ask is that you provide specific feedback so I can improve the course.  For the record, no one has asked for a refund because they weren't satisfied.  TCA gets rave reviews.

Absolutely - you'll just plug in your own assessment (or activities) into the templates. Plus, you'll be learning about the Better Teams and DISC models that you can add to your tool kit. You'll be able to mix and match assessments and activities to fit the needs of each team.

You have LIFE TIME ACCESS.  So you can complete this at your own pace.  You can also return to any modules at anytime for a refresh.  You also have LIFE TIME ACCESS to the Private Facebook Group.

You get all 6 modules including:

  • Paper assessments
  • 6 agenda templates
  • Team Activities Volume I PDF
  • Slides and workshop to lead a DISC communications workshop
  • Downloadable Team Building In-A-Box
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Marketing flyers

Bonuses Include:

  • You will get life-time access to the Private Facebook Group.
  • You get invited to 3 LIVE 90-minute Mastermind calls with Leigh Ann (which will be recorded). 
  • You get Bonus Module 6:  Ideas to Grow Your Practice.
  • You'll get extra resources and tips for facilitating your workshops online

TCA+ Extra Bonuses: 

  • Co-brand the assessment, flyer and info-graphic. 
  • You also get one Better Teams online Assessment for a team up to 24 people.
  • Team Building Activities - Volume II PDF.


Multiple payment options are available

What you'll get:

The Complete Training Program (5 Modules) including Videos, PDF Guides, Agenda Models and much more.




Multiple payment options are available

What you'll get:

The Complete Training Program (5 Modules) including Videos, PDF Guides, Agenda Models and much more.





What you'll get:

The Complete Training Program (5 Modules) including Videos, PDF Guides, Agenda Models and much more.





What you'll get:

The Complete Training Program (5 Modules) including Videos, PDF Guides, Agenda Models and much more.



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